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Name: Corgicoin
Ticker: CORG
PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
PoS Algorithm: Proof of Stake 2.0
Stake Rate: 10% Annual stake rate
Block Time: 30 Seconds
Min age: 1 hours
Maturity: 60 days max weight age
TX fee: 0.000001 CORGTOSHI
Confirmations: 10 confirms for transaction but spendable and usable after 1 confirm
Difficulty Re-target: Every block
P2P Port: 29091
RPC Port: 29092
Max Coins: 10 Billion
Launch Date: 1/14/2016

Is a scrypt altcoin based on bitcoin, what coin swapped for a newer chain what was not mined out. The blockchain started as a proof of work/proof of stake 2.0 hybrid what then hard forked and went only proof of stake at block 420000. 
Corgicoin’s case of use is fast transactions and encrypted messaging.

Social Links
Discord Corgicoin development channel:
Marketcap listings:

Wallet Downloads

# Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Mac Wallet:

# Mac /Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/Corgicoin


#Linux /home//.Corgicoin/

Blockchain Download:
Blockchain Index files with peers.dat to connect (Updated to 01-28-2019)

Bootstrap file ( updated to 02-012-2018):!00thnKBA!aGrLPqsqfK8rWM_TtiHIh3upo1RKMJSLaUiOCSuu6lA

Syncing Issues Guide:


Block Explorer:

IRC Channels:
Freenode IRC Corgicoin Channel with Corgicoin network info/tip bot:  – enter the channel register your name if you are new to IRC, chat in the room a little and then type .faucet to be rewarded! You must be a registered user of FREENODE IRC NETWORK!

Other Corgicoin forum links: